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How to go through our content for one attempt PTE success

Our PTE mock tests and content are designed to help PTE test takers achieve their target scores with ease and in one attempt...

Author: GLS LLP       Date: 10-03-2017

Our PTE mock tests and content are designed to help PTE test takers achieve their target scores with ease and in one attempt. If you go through our course material diligently, you will find the actual PTE test to be a piece of cake and PTE success in one attempt will come easy. However, rushing through our course content in a haphazard manner will not help you achieve your PTE goals. In this blog, we will describe the most efficient way to go through our content and how to study and build up those English skills essential for PTE success.

Step One: Go through our blogs

Our blogs describe tested strategies and tips for PTE item types that have been developed after careful research. These strategies and tips are the ones applied by the most successful PTE test takers.

Furthermore, we have made our best efforts to present these strategies and tips in a way, so that they are easily understandable and give a different view than most popular PTE books and other online blogs. To give this effect; instead of short bullet points, we have tried to describe strategies and tips in detail; instead of giving strategies by timeline we have presented strategies for each skill type for the critical speaking and writing item types.

In our blogs, for each PTE question type, we first present an introduction to the item type along with scoring pattern and the skills required to achieve success and then in the strategies and tips section we have elaborated on how to display these skills in order to achieve the PTE scores you need.

In the first section of our blogs we present the rules for the PTE item type. Many test takers tend to ignore this part. However, be warned, your PTE preparation will not be complete till the information pertaining to machine scoring system and the required skills for the PTE item type is as much a part of yourself as your heart.

In the second section, you will find strategies and tips on how to approach the question types; how to utilize your time and how to display your English skills so you get the best scores consistently and with least effort.

Step two: Attempt the practice questions

After you have made the information in blogs a part of yourself, attempt the practice questions for the particular PTE item type.

Give your best effort while attempting the practice questions. Make sure you are free of distractions and have a pen and notebook handy.

After attempting all practice questions for a PTE item type, go through its answer key. Mark your answer as per the PTE score guide. This exercise will help you figure out where you stand; where you went wrong and help figure out a strategy to improve your answers.

In the answer key you will be able to match your answer to a model answer. Use the model answers diligently. Compare it with your answer. Understand, how the skills required for the item type are reflected in the model answer. If it is a speaking item type, you may want to look at the pronunciation and sentence level stress to improve your answer. If it is a writing task you may want to look at the coherence and structure along with grammar and vocabulary used in the model answer to improve your answer.

Re-attempt the practice questions, if you find your answer was highly unsatisfactory compared to the model answer. Re-attempt practice questions till your English sub skills display criteria required to achieve your target score for the particular PTE item type.

Step three: Attempt mock tests

You attempt mock tests only after you have gone through and understood the content of our blogs; attempted all the practice questions and are confident of your PTE test taking skills.

Our PTE mock tests imitate the actual PTE test. However, creating an actual PTE test environment is your responsibility. Before you attempt the mock tests make sure there is nothing to distract you for the next 3 hours. Finish all errands that may distract you, such as going to toilet, beforehand. Keep test essentials such as a notepad, pen, headphones and microphone ready.

Step four: Compare your answers with answer key

In the answer key you will be able to compare your answers to model answers. The goal of this comparison is to help you understand the shortcomings in your responses. The best way to achieve this is to see how the model answer displays the sub skills measured by this item type compared with the sub skills displayed by yourself. You should be able to figure out your shortcomings and figure out a strategy to correct it in the next mock test.

Keep a dictionary handy and a notebook handy as you go through the answer key. Keep a note of unfamiliar words that you come across. Note down its meaning from the dictionary and write at least 5 sentences using that word. This exercise will make the word a part of your in-use vocabulary and help enhance your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills.

Step 5: Analyze your result with G-Analytics

We provide results for each PTE item type, communicative skill and enabling skill. G-Analytics detailed micro analysis shows how much you scored in each enabling skill for each question type in each mock test. G-Analytics detailed macro analysis will show how you your skills have progressed with each mock test for each PTE item type, communicative skill and enabling skill. Furthermore, G-Analytics will tell you which question and skill type you need to focus most on, to achieve your target PTE score.

If you diligently go through the above 5 steps; you will not only get your desired PTE score in one attempt but you will also significantly improve your academic English skills, which will help you do better in your university assignments and tests. So all the best with your PTE preparation. May the force be with you.

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