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Write From Dictation - How to get the scores you need in one attempt

Write from dictation item type is remarkably similar to repeat sentence item type. Like in repeat sentence item type, here too...

Author: iman singh       Date: 23-03-2017

Write from dictation item type is remarkably similar to repeat sentence item type. Like in repeat sentence item type, here too, you have to listen to a short recording and repeat what you hear. The only difference being that instead of repeating the sentence verbally, you have to do it in writing. It requires the same listening skill as for repeat sentence. However, in this blog, for completion sake, we will present tweaked up strategies and tips that will enable you to perform the listening and writing functions and answer correctly consistently and efficiently, for this item type.

The task

Write from dictation is a listening item type that assesses both listening and writing skills. There are generally 3-4 questions in this item type. The aim of this item type is to assess your ability to understand and remember a short sentence you hear and then write it exactly as you hear it with correct spelling.

The top section of the screen for write from dictation will contain instructions. These instructions will say something to the effect "You will hear a sentence. Type the sentence in the box below exactly as you hear it. Write as muc of the sentence as you can. You will hear the sentence only once". These instructions will remain same for all questions in this item type. So do not waste time reading them during the PTE test but understand and be aware of the instructions for this item type.

A box representing the audio player will follow the instructions. The timer on audio player will countdown 7 seconds after which its status will change to playing and you will hear the audio recording. Below the audio player you will find the box where you type your answer. You will not be able to cut, copy and paste with your mouse or keyboard. Buttons to perform these functions are provided below the answer box.


The communicative skills scored in this section are listening and writing.

The sub skills tested in this section are Understanding academic vocabulary; following an oral sequencing of information; comprehending variations in tone, speed and accent; writing from dictation; using correct spelling.

The scoring for write from dictation is quite simple. You score 1 for each correct word that is spelled correctly.

Strategies and tips

While Listening

When you are listening, you should be completely focused and oblivious of everything else around you. Quietly, repeat each and every word after the speaker as you hear it. When you have the sentence, repeat the complete sentence again and again till you have it on your finger tips and write it down on your notebook.

After listening

Type your answer in the box provided. After you have typed you answer, check for grammatical, punctuation, spelling and capitalization errors that you may have committed while typing and correct them.

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