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How to Select the Best Online PTE Preparation Course

The internet is flooded with various websites providing PTE preparation courses and practice tests. Naturally, it leaves test takers wondering about where to get the best PTE preparation and spend...

Author: GLS LLP       Date: 20-04-2017

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) has started to grow in popularity ever since governments of Australia and New Zealand started accepting it for issuance of student and other migration visas. As such, the internet is flooded with various websites providing PTE preparation courses and practice tests. Naturally, it leaves test takers wondering about where to get the best PTE preparation and spend their hard earned cash. This blog intend is to serve as a guide so that you make the best decision and get best value for your money.

Essential Elements of PTE Course

The presence of essential elements of PTE Course indicate, if a website is a genuine PTE education provider and has spent time, energy and money developing its content or just some random person online trying to make a quick buck from unsuspecting PTE test takers.

Presence of Blogs, Articled or Video resources

The first element that should be present in any PTE course is articles or videos explaining tips and strategies for PTE test and its various sections. Good news; most PTE preparation websites provide this service for free. If a website does not provide blogs, articles or videos you should immediately strike it from your list as a potential enrolment option. Such websites are not serious about providing PTE preparation. Now, among websites that do provide blogs, articles or video check which website provides the best in-depth tips, strategies and insights into PTE test. The website with best blogs, articles or video resources should be in the top of your list for potential PTE preparation course enrolment.

Presence of Practice Questions

Practice questions are an important element for good PTE preparation. Yet, there are so many PTE course webistes that do not incorporate this feature into their course. absence of this element also suggests that the website is not serious about PTE education or does not have the resources or know how to prepare practice questions. Strike such websites off your list.

Presence of Practice Tests

Good new; Practice tests are provided by all PTE education websites. Most of them offer free practice tests. Bad news; almost none of these practice tests are worth attempting. We have tried some of these free practice tests and they all seem to be using the same software that does not simulate important actual PTE test conditions. Well, this could be forgiven, however, the content/questions of these practice tests do not come close to the questions that you will get in the actual PTE Academic test. I am so abhorred by these PTE education websites, they claim to provide training for English language tests and yet they do not know the difference between "Academic English", "General English" and "Business Enlgish". Furthermore, they cannot even communicate in decent English on their websites. Strike such websites off your list.

Presence of Answer Key

This is an extremely important element for good PTE preparation. Through the answer key, test takers learn about the kind and format of responses the Pearson's machine scoring system expects to get perfect scores. This is true, especially for speaking and writing sections. At the moment, no PTE education website with the exception of and provides answer keys.


Most PTE education providers claim to have advertise their analytics feature as their USP. Well, we looked into the analytics reports of most top ranking PTE education websites and founs that they provide the same analytics software. We have found that this software was primarily developed and distributed for analysing scores of mock/practice tests of various competitive exams in India. These competitive exams are not structured like PTE; they are always MCQ's with correct and incorrect answer. If at this time in your list is website that provides the above analytics, strike them not just off your list but off this world, if you can. The best and only original; in-house developed analytics report that provides meaningful data which contributes to a students PTE preparation is provided by

PTE Coaching

PTE coaching is another common feature of most online courses. Some provide classroom type coaching while some one to one personal coaching. Almost all PTE education providers conduct coaching on skype.

We have learned from some students that tutors in some of these PTE coaching websites are unable to speak or communicate in proper English themselves. Hence, be very careful when selecting an online or for that matter classroom PTE coaching. Furthermore, be extremely careful when enrolling for courses with online classroom coaching. Make sure that these websites focus is exclusively education. Many PTE education websites have focus other than education such as immigration and admissions to name a few and are only in the industry to mint money from unsuspecting PTE test takers. naturally in our opinion, provides the best online PTE coaching. This is because claims that it hires only the best and its tutors study their students answers to advice PTE tips and strategies suitable for the students personal Enlish language strengths and weaknesses. I know of no other website who have processes in place to provide such individual care to every student.

Existing Online PTE Course Providers

You may call this view subjective, but no PTE preparation website comes close to providing all the elements of a PTE course mentioned above or is providing some of the elements with quality levels that will actually help student succeed in PTE test. The only two exceptions are Pearson's official PTE preparation website and

My view may appear subjective to some; If so, please comment below. If you are an online PTE course provider and you want us to portray your website as one of the "Goodfellas"; please get in touch. We will review your website and bring it to the attention of our readers.

May the force be with you!

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