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Will 85 days access be enough for PTE practice

PTE Practice - 85 Days Access

Our experience and research has shown that on an e-learning platform, students learn and perform better when under time constraint. The time provided as such, will be sufficient to go through our content and coaching program thoroughly. However, If at the end of the course you find this time insufficient, you can email us and we will consider allocating more time based on the reasons you provide.

What is PTE Coaching methodology

PTE Practice - Timed Practice Question in Real PTE Test Like Conditions

Our PTE coaching methodology is unique and one that cannot be implemented in a classroom setting. It is based on latest research on language training and includes that our language experts understand your needs by learning common errors, you make while communicating and comprehending English; then through 1-1 coaching session they make you aware and provide you the knowledge and exercises or assignments to correct them in a manner so that correct English syntax becomes part of your subconscious mind.

Can I get coaching anytime I want

PTE Practice - Practice Tests that behave like Actual PTE Test

Yes, you can book a coaching session anytime you want. All you need to do is send us an email to info@pte-preparation.com or fill up the form in the student portal to which you will have access to when you are enrolled in a course. In the email or form you must provide three options for when you want to schedule the coaching session.

How is one to one PTE coaching conducted

PTE Coaching - Provides one to one Online Coaching from Best PTE Tutors

Personal PTE coaching is conducted on only voice media on Skype. To ensure quality coaching, we recruit only the best PTE instructors and our PTE tutors prepare beforehand by studying your answers in practice tests and G-Analytics. Our experience and research enables us to provide instructions and strategies that you will not find elsewhere. Hence, the probability of you attaining the PTE scores you need in one attempt increases exponentially.

Can I use PTE coaching session to get practice test and assignment reviews

PTE Practice - Provides Detailed PTE Scores for All PTE Skill Types

Yes, you can use the coaching session to get reviews on practice tests and assignments along with tips and strategies tweaked up for you. For the assignments review, it is not neccessary that you book a coaching session; as your tutor will provide you with feedback by email. You can book a coaching session only to get further review or to discuss some doubts you may have; however, you clarify issues by email.