Improve Academic English

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PTE Gold

What you get

Video: How to Improve PTE Academic Score with Gold Course

The Gold course is for test takers with intermediate proficiency in English, or students with English proficiency of 65 and above. In this course, such students are exposed to content that will help them improve and learn new academic English skills to achieve the required scores in one attempt.
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What is G-Analytics and how will it help in PTE test preparation

PTE Courses - Get Detailed analysis of PTE Test Scores so You Know Where You Stand & What to do Next

G-Analytics is developed exclusively for the PTE test and plays the part of your personal coach. In easy to understand charts, it will show you scores, trends and break up of the given scores, for practice tests, question types and skill areas on micro and macro level. It also generates question types and skill areas that you need to expend more effort on, to achieve your given target score.