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Will 30 days access be enough for PTE practice

PTE Practice - 30 Days Access

Our experience and research has shown that on an e-learning platform, students learn and perform better when under time constraint. Although, we could provide exorbitant amount of time to attract more enrollments; however, in line with our mission we decided on 30 days access, which is just sufficient amount of time for you to thoroughly learn and develop test taking skills for one attempt success in the PTE test.

How will Practice Questions prepare me for PTE test

PTE Practice - Timed Practice Question in Real PTE Test Like Conditions

Our practice questions content is designed to further develop your academic English communicative and enabling skills. Furthermore, you practice on an online environment that imitates actual PTE test under timed conditions. This will help you further develop critical thinking & reasoning skills and PTE test strategies for each question type. As a result, you will be better equipped to perform in practice tests and the actual PTE test.

Do the PTE practice tests actually simulate the PTE test

PTE Practice - Practice Tests that behave like Actual PTE Test

Our PTE Practice tests simulate more than 95% of the actual PTE test conditions. However, this being a preparatory course; 10% and 30% of our questions are set at difficulty level lower and higher than actual PTE questions. This has been done to help further develop academic English, and other PTE skills. As a result, in the actual PTE test, most of our students score 6-10 points higher than in our practice tests.

What is the use of Answer Keys for PTE practice and preparation

PTE Practice - Learn PTE Machine Scoring System Expected Responses to PTE Questions

Answer Keys can be your most important tool for PTE practice and preparation. Our answer key portal, you will be able to match your answer to the model answer on the same page. Careful study of answer keys will help you improve PTE academic English, reasoning skills and strategies. For example, when going though the speaking section answer key with a dictionary will enhance your academic vocabulary, pronunciation along with speaking and listening skills.

How helpful are the PTE practice test results

PTE Practice - Provides Detailed PTE Scores for All PTE Skill Types

Like Pearson, Our PTE results include overall score and score by skill type on a bar chart. Questions are scored strictly according to the PTE score guide. Since Pearson keeps the criteria relating to allocation of scores to various skill types secret; We have after careful research developed a complex algorithm to do the same. Our scores are useful for analytical and PTE test preparation purposes only and do not reflect PTE scores that you may achieve in the actual test.